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SICCT and Johne’s Milk Testing

This new research clearly demonstrates the impact of SICCT on Johne’s milk antibody results. Further research is needed to determine how best to use this information in the management of Johne’s disease.

NJMP New Johnes Disease Tracker

Launch of the new Johne’s Disease Tracker: The Action Group on Johne’s launches the new test result interpretation tool and outlines the new BCVA (British Cattle Veterinary Association) training programme for vets.

NJMP 2019 Data

National Johne’s Management Plan: Year 2 data shows dairy farmers in Great Britain still committed to Johne’s disease control

NJMP Phase 2 Year 1 Preliminary Data

National Johne’s Management Plan: Dairy farmers in Great Britain committed to Johne’s disease control, preliminary data shows

Farmer guidance on Veterinary declaration

A farmer guidance document on the process towards completing the Veterinary declaration is available on the Action Johne’s website

January Briefing 2018

The industry is gearing up for October 2018 deadline

Autumn Briefing 2017

London, 3rd October 2017 – The Action Group on Johne’s set strict deadlines for scheme compliance with member milk processors to help catalyse the management of Johne’s disease on UK dairy farms.

October Briefing 2016

Stage One: Results and Learning

July Briefing 2016

Recent activity for Action Johne’s, including an Open Day and good news on take up of the BCVA Veterinary Training programme

March Briefing 2016

NEW BCVA certificated training programme launched for vets in Johne’s disease control

February Briefing 2016

An overview of the National Johne’s Management Plan and how you can get involved

November Briefing 2015

Good news as 75% of UK milk are committed to National Johne’s Management Plan

April Briefing 2015

Dairy Industry Launches Action Johne’s Initiative