Welcome to the Action Group on Johne’s

The Action Group on Johne’s initiative called The National Johne’s Management Plan (NJMP) seeks to manage and then reduce the incidence of Johne’s disease on dairy farms in England, Wales and Scotland through implementation of one of the six control strategies, and monitored on each farm by BCVA Accredited Johne’s Veterinary Advisors.

The latest episode of AHDB’s Food and Farming podcast featured Action Johne’s members Pete Orpin and Sarah Tomlinson, along with dairy farmer Caroline Williams.

Listen to hear Pete, Sarah and Caroline, along with AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager for Dairy James Hague, discuss the importance of testing and control of Johne’s disease and the benefits that good Johne’s control brings on farm.

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Red Tractor Standards

Since October 2019 the Red Tractor dairy standards now include a requirement that all Red Tractor approved members have a signed NJMP declaration.

This website is designed to be an information portal on Johne’s, providing relevant technical documents and links that will aid Johne’s engagement and control. Please note that the Group is not in a position to advise farmers on their specific Johne’s control plans. These should be discussed with the farm vet.