BCVA Johne’s Veterinary Advisor Training

Vets who have successfully completed the training are classed as BCVA Accredited Johne’s Veterinary Advisors.

What is the BCVA Johne’s training?

To be sure that as many vets as possible are fully up to speed with the details of Johne’s management, the control strategies and the National Johne’s Management Plan initiative, BCVA, in conjunction with the Action Group on Johne’s, has developed some online training and an accreditation process (multiple-choice test). Vets who pass the test will gain the status of “BCVA Accredited Johne’s Veterinary Adviser” – BAJVA for short.

How do I become a BAJVA?

BCVA will send you an email which invites you to register for the training. This can be purchased via the BCVA on-line shop. Once registered, you will gain access to the three short training modules and a multiple-choice quiz. You will need to correctly answer the 25- question assessment to show you understand important aspects of Johne’s management and the 6 control strategies. Your name will be added to a list of accredited vets which will be held by BCVA and shared with the National Johne’s Action Group to be included on the Action Johne’s website.

Do I need to be a BAJVA to provide a Johne’s action plan for my clients as part of the Initiative?

Yes. Only vets that have undergone the BCVA training programme are permitted to sign declarations.

What does the training entail and how long does it take?

There are three presentations, each between 20-40 minutes long, which you can access online at a time to suit you. This is followed by the assessment which will take most vets around 10-15 minutes to complete.

What will it cost me to become accredited?

We are keeping the barrier to accreditation as low as possible. BCVA members can register and access the training modules and do the assessment all for £10. Non-members will be charged £55. This will help BCVA recover its delivery costs. Payment will be at the time of registration – a simple process using the BCVA on-line shop.